'Trailblaze' Abstract painting by Jules Horn
The New Year is almost here – I love these secret days, like a quiet cave, between the festivities. Time to look back and see what has been accomplished, what has been learned, and to begin to clarify the dreams that are forming for the year to come.

I am enjoying having lots of time to paint. I am working on a series that I have named the ‘Pathfinder’ series. The image above is a work in progress entitled ‘Trailblaze’. The series is based on the idea of imperfect mandalas. I love the idea of mandalas but I have an aversion to perfection and symmetry in art, so I  decided to work on a kind ‘mandala of chaos’. The pieces were suggestive to me of compasses and finding direction, which is very relevant when working on a new series.

I wish you good luck in finding your path in this coming year.