JulesHorn Creative Journaling

For the last couple of years I have been teaching workshops locally in Creative Journalling. This is a practice that collides all my passions into one place – the joy of playing with colour and collage and getting into the zone of creativity (finding that place of flow), looking inside (exploring my own interior world) to connect with my own life’s meaning and maintain that connection in my day to day life, and gathering inspiration and leveraging personal development tools to try and keep myself moving forwards.

It is a process I have a mission to share because it is something that is easily accessible to everyone and it has the potential to make powerful transformations in our lives.

So what is it exactly? I have been trying to define it as succinctly as possible!

As an activity, it is, very simply, having fun with paint and paper and glue, and being prepared to write from the heart.

As a practice, it is a valuable opportunity to grant ourselves the gift of a few precious minutes of quiet contemplation, of delight and playfulness into our daily lives. This is not a small gift.

As a process, it becomes a powerful tool for;

– Decluttering our busy minds

– Generating ideas and projects

– Resolving difficult decisions

– Making plans and preparing for action

– Saying what we can’t speak out loud

– Gathering our inspirations around us

As an object, the creative journal becomes a secret den for the soul! It is a sanctuary, a retreat, a new best friend!

I offer introductory workshops in this process to groups in the South West of England. If you think your group may be interested in this then do get in touch via my contact page.