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Bracken Clan

‘Bracken Clan’    (sold) Here is a wee flock of Scottish Blackface sheep up on the wild and abstract moors! I think they have spotted us!

Little Scraps

There is a lot of activity in the studio at the moment as preparations get under way for (potentially) four exhibitions over the course of April and May….

‘On Tumble Down’

‘On Tumble Down’   (sold) This is the largest piece I have painted so far, 31″x24″ and is also one of my favourites. I love the random scattering of…

Tussock Den

‘Tussock Den’ acrylic on canvas 24″x12″ This painting is for sale £225 I started allowing the sheep to wander into my abstracts as a way to win over…

Bradley Acre

‘Bradley Acre’   (sold) Acrylic on canvas This little flock has just moved on to pastures new!


‘Springfield’ The first lamb of Spring! Acrylic on canvas 8″x10″ This painting is SOLD

Hold the Light

Hold the Light   (sold) Here’s a painting that feels appropriate for these early days of the new year – it’s one of my ‘Beings of Love and Contemplation’…

‘Articles of Faith and Curiosity’

‘Articles of Faith and Curiosity’ acrylic on canvas, 20″x23″ This painting represents a recurring theme in my art and in my life, that is, the dichotomy of Clutter…

Beings of Love 3

‘Beings of Love 3’   (sold) This is one of those gentle beings who crept into my paintings when I was attempting to paint completely abstract – like a…

‘Sitting, Sitting, Sitting for Peace’

This is my favourite painting from the 30 day challenge – it’s a tiny piece, just 6″x4″, but I love it so much I’m going to develop it…