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Collage by Jules Horn ‘After Lammas’

New work!

A new small series of works after an extended hiatus! Good to start reaching back into my creative practice – it can be hard to get going again…

Encaustic work by Jules Horn

‘Spiralling In, Spiralling Out’

I have embarked upon an exciting new artistic adventure! I have begun experimenting with the ancient technique of encaustic art. The term ‘encaustic’ comes from the Greek meaning…

TukTuk, abstract painting by Jules Horn

The Life Dials (a journal extract)

The chaos mandala series are life dials. Our lives are multi layered – some areas of our lives can be going really well while other areas may go…

Only our stories, painting by Jules Horn

‘Only Our Stories’

This painting is SOLD    

Essential Seventh, by Jules Horn

‘Essential Seventh’

Another in the ‘Pathfinder’ series of chaos mandalas. Acrylic on canvas 100x100cm This painting is SOLD

Chimes, abstract painting by Jules Horn


This is one of a series of small abstracts playing with colour chords – it is pure intuitive painting, adding and subtracting colour and detail until the whole…

'Reorientation' abstract painting by Jules Horn


‘Reorientation’ This is the largest (so far!) in my ‘Pathfinding’ series. I am playing with the idea of our internal compass and how that needle can keep on…



‘Trailblaze’  (available) This is the first in a series of ‘chaotic’ mandala paintings on the theme of finding pathways and direction. I love mandalas, but I find the…

A Solstice Gathering - abstract landscape with sheep by Jules Horn

A Solstice Gathering

‘A Solstice Gathering’ I am a great lover of festivals and gatherings, and I like to keep in touch with the turning of the seasons by acknowledging the…

'Jouney's End'- abstract painting by Jules Horn

Jouney’s End

‘Journey’s End’ is a specially commissioned piece and is the largest painting I have ever created at two meters square. I had to move out of the spare…